NEW VIDEO: Phaidra Knight Interviews Team USA Star Jen Sinkler



A perennial Team USA Eagle, Phaidra Knight is one of the most recognized names in women’s rugby. Her home club is the New York Rugby Club. Today, she chats with longtime USA 15s & 7s star, Jen Sinkler.

AMERICAN SAMOA – It may be Saturday where you are but it’s Friday here. Regardless (0r irregardless if you’re silly enough to think that’s actually a word), my interview with my forever Team USA teammate Jen Sinkler has finally finished cooking!

Please comment below and please, please, please tell people about this video (and the others) & Rugby Wrap Up!

Thank you,
Phaidra Knight

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  • Well done, ladies! Jen’s so sizzling I had to take a cold shower just to applaud!

    • Now, now Declan… We don’t need to hear about your showering habits. But you are right. This is an excellent piece from Phaidra and Jen. Bravo.

  • PattyBacks14

    Holy crap! Those girls are huge! I would not piss them off. The dog was nice add.

  • Amy2ndRow

    Some serious dedication!

  • Phaidra, this is another nice job. Very nice. Is this the first video version? If not, I guess I have not seen any others. Jen looks great and is a great spokesperson for rugby, fitness, and plain making things happen.

    • Anonymous

      Fred, hit the Video Page… There is def another with Phaidra. We think it’s her 2nd… And you’re right about Jen. These ladies are the real deal.

  • Cmcdermott05

    Great job and info. I would definitely like to see more videos from RWU as the articles are always great! Keep it upand thanks for the fun reads.

  • Funny interview! While Sinkler is no-doubt beauty, I watched it the second time to see more of Phaidra! Great questions! 

  • Hey Congrats. . I really appreciate what she has done. Its also motivated another lady who want to try this but could not try this any kind of reason. Anyway thanks for sharing this video, Like to share this with my friends also. Keep up this. 

  • Junoir Blaber

    Great Work as always Phaidra.

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