Blooming Mad Flower For Hohaia as St Helens Grabs Super League Grand Final

Ben_Flower red card Johnathan_Wicklow_Barberie Rugby_Wrap_Up

Ben Flower gets Red for Roses from controversial ref Johnathan Wicklow Barberie

OLD TRAFFORD – We’ve all been there, Ben_Flower Punches Lance_Houhaia Rugby_Wrap_Up re St_Helens_WIGANSthat brief second in a game when tempers flare and the red mist descends. Some of us let fly and take the consequences in the hope we can exact some immediate revenge. Others restrain themselves and wait till the offender gets the ball so they can utterly destroy him!

Unfortunately, Wigan Warriors prop Ben Flower does not fall into the latter category. His one-two punch to St Helens Saints playmaker Lance Hohaia in the 2nd minute (yes, the SECOND minute!) saw him shown an immediate red, thus dooming his team to a tight loss; one that could have been avoided if Wigan had all 13 players on the pitch throughout. As it was, St Helens won 14-6 to record their first win in their last six Super League Grand Final appearances.

St Helens SaintsA tightly contested game was punctuated with brief staccato attacks and the half concluded with Wigan stand-off Matty Smith slotting a penalty to make it 2-0 to the Warriors. That was followed by a sweet cut-out pass from Wigan’s Blake Green, which allowed winger Joe Burgess to squeeze in at the corner.

The second half saw the one-man advantage start to tell for the Saints. A strong run from departing lock Sia Soliola saw him bust through three attempted tackles on his way to the line. From there, barring a brief cameo from Warriors winger Liam Farrell and a costly penalty miss from Smith, it was smooth sailing for St Helens. A set of tackles soon after concluded with Tommy Makinson out-jumping the cover defence to latch onto a Paul Wellens cross field kick.

Live-wire Saints hooker James Roby took the Man of the Match award after losing out on the Man of Steel for the season’s Best Super League Player.

Wigan WarriorsIn truth, the most exciting thing about this final was Ben Flower’s impressive knockout punches. Despite the ludicrous claims of assault, it was another hot-headed moment of stupidity of which there are plenty in rugby league every season. It could not mask what was ultimately a disappointing final, made even worse when compared to its Australian cousin’s thriller in the NRL, last weekend.

haia_Speedo Ben_Flower Rugby_Wrap_Up

Lance is fine and loves the roses.

Congratulations to St Helens on breaking their drought as another Super League season comes to and end with a bang, delivered by a Flower.

Oh, and the not-so-innocent Hohaia quietly accepted his one-game ban, after submitting an Early Guilty Plea for the flying forearm that got the Blooming Mad Flower going.

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  • Manchester Man

    For us Saints fans lucky enough to be there, it will be the fondest memory at the Theatre of Dreams! Love the pix, mate!

    • Boyo

      Wigan would have won easily if the thick one hadn’t lost his composer. Disgraceful… Hopefully those roses have some thorns in them!! 🙂

      • Junoir Blaber

        The ref always catches the 2nd offender never the first.

        • The punishment fit the crime and the inciting elbow is not going to draw a card in a Rugby League Grand Final. They are all knocking the snot out of each other. And the refs did huddle, so the right call was made… We’re feeling very high and mighty today.

          • Junoir Blaber

            Wasn’t defending the attack. Just remember Declan teaching me that after getting a cheap shot not to reply immediately. Wait a good 10 minutes then get in your own. This way when he retaliates he will be seen by the ref

  • AlexanderBorisDePfeffelJohnson

    League is for Barbarians.

    • Now, now… See you came over from today!

  • 3rd Half Harry

    JWB is all over the place! haha Good for you, mate! Flower got 6 months and £300 fine. At least he pleaded guilty.

  • Jamie Loyd

    Frankly, I reckon Hohaia deserved the first punch, after his attempted blindside charge on Flower, but the second was over the top (and blindingly obvious!!!!) However the question has to be asked would there be such a big stink about assault if it had been a big man on a big man, or even a small man smacking around a big man?

    • Junoir Blaber

      As a short guy I have won penalties just because the big guy’s hit looked worse.

      • Hohaia might be short but he ain’t small. We can’t stop looking at the Speedo shot.

  • Jamie Loyd

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