Video: Passionate USA Rugby Eagle Turned Businessman Tony Ridnell re USA Rugby, RIM, PRO Rugby


NEW YORK, NY – It wasn’t easy, but we finally got the right hamsters on the wheel to propel us live on the Internet.  And this full-fledged, honest-to-God, YouTube Live/Google Hangouts live stream was only possible because of USA Rugby Eagle and successful businessman Tony Ridnell, whose patience and teamwork pushed us over the seemingly insurmountable line. Mr. Rindell shares his passionate views re USA Rugby, RIM, PRO Rugby.. and the accountability each needs to face, with Matt McCarthy.

Here’s the entire interview, warts and all, for you to listen to our watch.

You can find more of Mr. Rindell’s passion on his blog by clicking here.

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Matt McCarthy comes to from their partner in the USA, RWU and MTM feature a stable of diverse contributors, with coverage that is both serious and with a wink. Find him on twitter: @Matt_McCarthy00
  • Grant A Cole

    Cannot pause this video in RWU or on YouTube w/o it restarting at the beginning.

    • Grant A Cole


    • Jenny From The Lock

      I couldn’t do it either the first time but then realized it was live! 🙂

  • Amy2ndRow

    Why is the rugby landscape filled with incompetence? Thank you both for educating me further.

  • Grant A Cole

    If the goal of club rugby in the USA is to develop players to move on to PRO contracts (I contend that clubs do NOT see themselves in this manner, but Matt asked the questions), then should not PRO as a “rugby body’ seeking these players abide by WR Regulations to contact and to compensate those clubs before contracting the players?

    • Doug Lyons

      Where exactly were these players going to come from? The top clubs in the US; obviously.

      I’m with Matt on this point – with the onset of professional rugby the landscape has changed. Top clubs are going to lose players to the pro’s.

      Over time it’s entirely possible that pro teams could develop relationships with local clubs that nurture players in a quasi academy setting.

      For clubs to expect compensation as their players move on to a professional career strikes me as the complete antithesis of what the rugby community has clamor end for for years – a professional league for players to aspire to and fans to embrace.

      Whats in it for me should be the last question the clubs are asking.

      A smart club would use the movement of players to a pro career as a recruiting tool.

      • Tobias The Great

        Agree 100%. Clubs aren’t professional. They aren’t paying players. In fact, 99% of the players pay dues to play. Why they hell would a pro set-up owe compensation of any sort? What if those players signed overseas? Do the clubs think they are entitled to get something back from Leinster or the Brumbies are whomever? That is the dumbest thing I have heard. How about building your club up so that maybe some pro team sees it as an asset and then starts funding it like a farm system? Otherwise, grow up.

  • Junoir Blaber

    Great interview. Will go and check out the Dan Payne interview

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