Studio Show: PRO Rugby Owner Doug Schoninger Answers Hard Questions, Ken Belson of NY Times


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NEW YORK, NY – In his 2nd appearance on our Fantasy Sports Network Studio Show, PRO Rugby owner Doug Schoninger faces tough questions from Matt McCarthy. It’s important to note that Mr. Schoninger, while uncomfortable at times with the line of questioning, continues to make himself available while others do not. Indeed, the continued response from USA Rugby remains a steadfast, “We cannot comment on the advice of counsel.

Topics range from:
Owed monies to players, coaches, staff and vendors.
Empty PRO Coffers
-Potential violations of the Affordable Care Act
-Potential Breaches of Contracts
USA Rugby Management overhaul
-PRO Rugby vs Major League Rugby
-Future of messy Legal Battles.

Ken Belson of the NY Times on Rugby Wrap UpIn separate interview, Ken Belson of the NY Times talks about the Business of Rugby in the USA, offering an objective view on the future of the game.

*Apologies to Will Magie for the mispronunciation of his last name!

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Doug Schoninger:

Ken Belson:

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RWU Co-host Johnathan Wicklow Barberie is the contrived Kiwi rugby personality who can’t go ANYWHERE without being asked for an autograph. He always obliges… Matt McCarthy handles the more serious interviews and handles the RWU Sports Desk.

  • Frank The Flank

    Sorry to inform all that are owed money but the guy makes sense.

    • oldhooker2

      Everybody loses here. The guy is no idiot. You dont have to like him but why would he shell out money with the nonsense. They should have given him an extension.

      • Grant A Cole

        Negative Ghostrider.

        Schoninger did not discuss extension with USAR b/c he had violated trust by failure to pay various accounts (to the tune of $250,000-300,000). IF he had paid those monies owed OR given reasonable reasons why he didn’t, we would likely have already watched the 2017 PRO Rugby Championship Match.

        However, Schoninger reneged on numerous accounts payable and tried to get several groups and individuals to take discounted payments when he no real reason to ask for such. No matter what he says about this, he has destroyed his own credibility through these actions. He knows this and is unrepentant to the point that he thinks (or acts like) he is the victim.

        Schoninger is no victim. He is a rich kid who broke his own toy. Now he wants others to reimburse the loss he created.

        BTW, Matt McCarthy is a journalist. Being such, he has a right to protect his sources through “reporters privilege” (as do I). NY (and 39 other states) has a shield law protecting the sources of journalists. Schoninger would have to have the perfect storm of the right lawyer, the right judge, and an opponent who’s lawyer sucks hind teat through a ringer.That’s a lot of luck for someone who’s ideals and business practices are shoddy, at best.

        What will happen is that Schoninger will blow $300,000-500,000 in litigation expenses against USA Rugby, World Rugby, Nigel Melville, and various members of the USAR Board. This will cost USA Rugby a lot of money that they do not have (“Scorched Earth”), but perhaps WR has insurance for just these occurrences.

        There is an upside, though, if only mildly so. Schoninger’s suit(s) may bring things to light in discovery that we have long suspected. Then, maybe, just maybe, USA Rugby’s Congress will unite to oust the bastards that approved Schoninger’s sanction in the first place. The same bastards who failed to properly vet the man, to include knowing that what he is doing now has been his modus operandi in every commercial enterprise he has entered before.

    • OldStyle

      Not really. All he did was deflect blame and try to downplay the issue.

    • Aaron

      No, he doesn’t.

  • Tobias The Great

    They both look like they would rather be at the dentist. And JWB should have done the dirty work, not Mccarthy!

  • Nick Attewell

    Good stuff Matt, keep asking the tough questions.

  • Curious

    regarding health insurance, in CA nothing states a 1 year exemption, I found this in 30 seconds, and I traveled to school on a short yellow bus….both need to be better prepared
    “The Employer Shared Responsibility provisions, often referred to as the “employer mandate,” have been in effect since 2015 for businesses with 100 or more FTE employees. But, starting in 2016, the employer mandate will become effective for businesses with 50 or more FTE employees. The purpose of this summary is to provide a brief overview of the employer mandate provisions, and to inform your business about how you may be impacted by changes to the provisions made in 2016.”

    • JimmyD

      It almost seemed as if he knew he was going to cancel the league before the one-year mark on his mistaken understanding of the law.

  • Grant A Cole

    Matt doesn’t do anything to make Doug look bad.

    Doug makes himself look like a disingenuous pile of crap all by his lonesome. Doug doesn’t need anyone’s help in that respect.

  • The Honorable Slim Shady

    The guest, Doug, imho is basically saying that it was a start up and it failed and he isn’t paying anyone. How could any athlete go to work as a rugby player and not have health insurance ?
    The guest did himself no favors and looked terrible. I’m not surprised nobody at USA Rugby will speak to him.

  • Cute girl


  • JimmyD

    Well done Matt, keep going. And sorry Doug – if your house burns down you BETTER keep paying the mortgage. That is one reason why you, and not the bank, get fire insurance on your house. It is a pretty good analogy: like the mortgage that you have to keep paying even if there is a fire, the players contract says that the players will be paid – period – with no outs for “Oops, ran out of money” or “sorry, got into a fight with USA Rugby”.

    Now fix the Board and the management. Please.

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