Studio Show: Stars Seamus Kelly, Phaidra Knight & Greenwhich HC Joe Kelly, Mark Griffin of PRUSA


NEW YORK, NY – In this show, USA Rugby stars Seamus Kelly and Phaidra Knight join Play Rugby USA’s founder & former Eagles hooker Mark Griffin, Greenwich High Coach/Rugby Legend/Uranium Salesman Joe Kelly & host Matt McCarthy. Topics range from:
-The Evolution of the USA Rugby Pathway
-Issues with USA Women playing WPL All-Stars
Careers on and off the pitch
-The Rugby Business Executives Association
Tony Ridnell
Greenwich High’s epic extra time battle vs Xavier High School
Youth, High School & College growth
Super 7s Rugby League & Major League Rugby.

Cameos are made by 3-time Rugby World Cup scrumhalf Mike Petri (author of R is For Rugby) and Coach Matt of Greenwich High School, scoring our favorite try ever… and you may notice your organization’s representation at times in the studio. A precursor for what’s to come???

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Matt McCarthy comes to from their partner in the USA, RWU and MTM feature a stable of diverse contributors, with coverage that is both serious and with a wink. Find him on twitter: @Matt_McCarthy00
  • Tony Ridnell

    You had a 6’6″ 260 lb guy in tears, watching the Coach Matt segment at the 15:20 mark. Great job spreading news of the American Rugby landscape, thanks for the mention. We can do this.

    • ToughGuy5

      Chang isnt going anywhere. But they should at least put you on that board of misdirection.

    • Cute girl

      Great job on your segment!

  • Justiceispeace

    As always, loved Matt’s show, the growth of Rugby in youth and High School thanks to Mark Griffin, Joe Kelly & other dedicated people. Great to hear from 2 rugby greats~Seamus Kelly and Phadria Knight gave their wonderful insights on rugby growth & being an Eagle at WRC.

    The need for new innovative people on the USAR Board is absolutely essential for youth & high school to progress into college & National programs is tantamount for us to grow with other sports. It begins with someone with numerous years of rugby and business expertise, & l nominate Tony Ridnell as new Chairman of the Board of USAR. See his video on Facebook, in groups~Women’s Rugby, Rugby Friends etc.

  • The Honorable Slim Shady

    At the risk of sounding jaded I must say I tire of podcast bringing out the same old people. I’ve heard McClain, Tolkin etc to last a lifetime. Get some different voices.

    • Aaron

      You must hate the Ruggamatrix America Podcast.

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