Studio Show: USA Rugby Stars Nate Augspurger & Lara Vivolo, Rugby Canada’s Mark Winokur, Rugby Investor James Kennedy, Steve Lewis

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*Quick Note: All shows are broken into segments. Watch or listen to all at once – or in parts… at your leisure! We’re also working out the kinks  and will soon have guests calling in from all over the globe. Please stay with us as we evolve.  🙂
USA Eagles Lara Vivolo, & Nate Augspurger, Rugby Canada's Mark Winokur, Rugby Investor James Kennedy, 7s Coach Steve Lewis

NEW YORK, NY – In this show, USA Rugby stars USA Eagles Lara Vivolo, & Nate Augspurger join Rugby Canada & Ontario Blues’ Mark Winokur and Rugby Investor James Kennedy. Topics range from:
-Chasing the Professional Rugby Dream & choosing between MLR & PRO Rugby
-How can Women Rugby Players make the media notice?
-Crime Against Refereeing on behalf of British & Irish Lions.
-The next Team USA Coach
-Playing in the Olympics and Rugby World Cup
-Transitioning from Elite Player to Coach
Rugby Canada fixes in MLR?
-NYC franchise in MLR?

Emile Signes

Emile Signes

There are cameos by maligned referee Greg Gilliam, rugger-turned-model (and potential future RWU Correspondent), Sibahn Doxey, and 3-time Rugby World Cup scrumhalf Mike Petri (author of R is For Rugby). And apologies to Emil Signes of Atlantis Rugby for not getting at least a photo of him in the edit!

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