Studio Show: USA Rugby Star Luke Hume & GU Pres/Congressman Ken Pape re Equality, Fixes


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NEW YORK, NYPart Two of this week’s show features USA Rugby 15s & 7s star Luke Hume and Ken Pape, whose long resume includes: USA Rugby Congressman, Empire GU President, Rutgers Women’s Coach, Old Breed warhorse and U.S. Marine. The topics discussed with our Matt McCarthy are:

-The Responsibilities of Congress
-Needed Diversity on Committees
-Accountability of the Board
-Inequality of the Women’s teams
-Lack of Proper Warm-up Matches for the Women’s Eagles heading to the Rugby World Cup
-Player Eligibility Issues
-Fixing Confusing/Ambiguous Player Welfare Processes
-Concrete Ideas for Change
-Collective Support of USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne

There’s also a cameo from Australian Wallabies Legend Stephen Larkham with the infamous Declan Yeats.

You can Watch or Listen:

And be sure to see Part One, with PRO Rugby USA owner/lightening rod, Doug Schoninger.

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  • Aaron

    I would like to point out that they had a warm up match originally scheduled for yesterday, in San Diego, against Japan. Japan pulled out. And because there is no world schedule for women, it’s hard to get test matches in general lined up. But, if we had the money we may have been able to send them to NZ.

    • Ken Pape

      As we talked about on Facebook this was not aimed at Clever at all, if you read the eligibility guidelines it clearly states that a wavier can be granted to someone with an injury.
      Todd was well within his rights as a CIPP registered member to put in for a waiver and be approved…. See below

      C. Missed Match Participation Requirement due to Legitimate Medical Hardship.

      A request to have the match participation minimum specified (Section 3.4-(d)) must be initiated prior to the CIPP registration deadline (see Section 3.4- a and 9.2-b) and must be accompanied with documentation of extraordinary circumstances:

      i. Contemporaneous or other appropriate medical documentation from a physician (a medical doctor) which establishes the player’s inability to compete as a result of an injury or illness must be submitted with any waiver request; and

      ii. Document from a Professional Medical Practitioner confirming the player has been cleared to return to full competition; and

      iii. The specified event minimum for a player returning from injury may be waived if medical records substantiate the request; and iv. A missed CIPP registration deadline (see Section 3.2-a) will not be waived on basis of early or unexpected return from an injury or illness.

      A waiver from the participation criteria stated within these guidelines is not guaranteed. This shall be specified within the Waiver confirmation returned by USA Rugby and considered on a case-by-case situation.

      A continuing (experienced) and/or returning player registering with a senior club fielding multiple sides prior to the Registration Deadline, but after the conclusion of the League/CR/Qualifying schedule and/or unable to meet the minimum match criteria specified in Section 3.3-b, may be declared eligible only for the upper division on that club for the remainder of the competitive season.

      No more than five (5) players joining any one club, for any reason, who otherwise meet all criteria specified may receive an waiver of the USA Rugby minimum participation standards.

      • Aaron

        Ken as we’ve spoken off-line and knowing a little bit more now. Thanks for placing the eligibility guidelines up. The information I had at the time only fit Todd Specifically. But having further intel I’m with you on this.

        • Tobias The Great

          You are always quick to judge something you know nothing about and your videos suck. GET A GRIP.

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