STUDIO SHOW: USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne on Gary Gold as Eagles 15s Coach


STUDIO SHOW: USA Rugby Dan Payne on Gary Gold as Eagles 15s Coach -

NEW YORK, NY – The hiring of Gary Gold as the new Head Coach of USA Rugby Men’s 15s has the global rugby chat rooms abuzz. With that, USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne found time to call from his car to join this week’s Fantasy Sports Network show. This is Part I. Check out Part II, in which our eclectic All-Star Panel opines on this segment, in which Mr. Payne and Matt McCarthy discuss:

-The Selection Process
Passing on an American for the job
Coach Gold’s Timetable, Immediate Impact & Responsibilities
-Gold’s Relationship between 7s Coach Mike Friday
-The Interim Head Coach
-General Manager Dave Hodges
Life University’s Scott Lawrence
Americas Pacific Challenge
Americas Rugby Championship
-The Management Team & Coaching Staff
Rugby World Cup Predictions
Alex Magleby’s (General Manager, National Teams & Performance) role in the Worcester Warriors getting off to a bad start.

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  • oldhooker2

    Its the exact same problem over and over. Hire a coach that wont be here for key chunks of time. How is this guy supposed to get this done in a year? He will only be here just over a year when they head to Japan. Ridiculous. They need a CEO with a business background as a CEO and Mags and Hodges need to go.

    • Ardent Supporter

      Mitchell couldn’t get out of here fast enough with this amateur hour sideshow going on. Payne was supposed to be transparent. He won’t talk about PRO Rugby and Chang is invisible. So is this farce of a Congress. Blow it all up and start over but not with Ridnell. He doesn’t do anything but complain and talk about how great he is. Does that guy even coach a kids program? He does nothing.

      • HubrisIsDead

        I don’t agree with either of you. Gold is moving here. He will have time to put a team together. Lawyers have put a gag order on Payne on Pro.

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