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STUDIO SHOW: New York Rugby Club’s NY7s: Interviews with Winners, Clips, Highlights, Recap


NEW YORK, NY – Show 25, Part II of our weekly Fantasy Sports Network show is all about the top-notch NY 7s Tournament… Since 1958, the New York Rugby Club has been making this Saturday-after-Thanksgiving tradition a staple for more and more ruggers. This year there were over 130 teams; women, men, youth and all […]

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Rugby Players, Not Crossovers


PHILADELPHIA, PA – All of the players who competed in Las Vegas this weekend at the USA 7s are rugby players. When we call them rugby players, that doesn’t mean we assume the only sport they’ve ever played or ever will play is rugby. That is what they are doing now. Recognize that. Every HSBC 7s […]

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Former Shanghai Hairy Crab Joey Krassenstein Key to Rugby at USC


LOS, ANGELES, CA – If you ask anybody in the United States to tell you one thing about the University of Southern California, better known as USC, many would answer with… Their illustrious football program. For better or for worse the Trojans owned the nation’s best college football program in the early-2000s, winning 11 national […]

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