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Rugby TV and Podcast: #RWC2019 Live From London: Panel Previews, Scotsman Picks England!


LONDON, ENGLAND – To say that Steve Lewis is NOT a fan of England would be an understatement of epic proportions. He is as Scottish as they come. So when he picks the Red Rose to be the Springboks in front of a beaming Mike Friday and giggly Matt McCarthy, it is news! But have […]

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Countdown to Super Rugby 2015: Players To Watch


AUCKLAND, NZ – We’re less than one week out from the start of the premier pro competition in the Southern Hemisphere and the anticipation is, well, pretty non-existent at the moment. As usual, it’s still officially summer here in the part of the world, which means people are a little more interested in going swimming […]

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Teboho Mohoje, Springboks and Super Rugby: Race Issues and Merit


CAPE TOWN, S.A. – In any other country, a fringe Test player who is picked for an international squad would tend to be played – if all available players within his position got hurt. It would not matter that he had played a mere handful of professional games. If selected in the squad, then the […]

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The Rugby Championship Round 4: Heavyweights, Officiating and Apartheid


AUCKLAND, NZ – Alright, this is what The Rugby Championship needed. The greatest rivalry in rugby is about to hit us in the form of the All Blacks playing the Springboks – the heavyweight championship for global rugby supremacy. So much history, so much intensity, so much pride goes on the line when the team […]

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Super Rugby Round 13 Review: The Chiefs wake up

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AUCKLAND, NZ: Week 13 was Mother’s Day round, my Mum spent the weekend freaking out that I’d been concussed because I tried to tackle a guy with my head in our game yesterday. X-rays revealed no damage due to the hit, but the doctor did give me some tackling advice. Thanks Doc! Hope you all had […]

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