Round 5 Heineken Cup Picks from Expert Six Pack Panel

January 10, 2014 Nicholas Hall 6

PARIS, FRANCE: The final two weekends of group action in the Heineken Cup always bring plenty to the table, as sides attempt to secure their […]


Six Pack “Expert Panel” Heineken Cup Picks Review

December 17, 2013 Junoir Blaber 7

MONTPELLIER, FRANCE – One look at the faces of our Heineken Cup Six Pack “Experts” says it all; two are elated, two are slack-jawed, one […]


RWU’s Six Pack’s Round 3 Heineken Cup Predictions Review

December 10, 2013 Junoir Blaber 5

TOULOUSE, FRANCE: Sitting in complete shock, our Heineken Cup Six Pack panel of “experts” are struggling to get their heads around the weekend’s results. They […]


Heineken Cup Picks: How did Six Pack (our Expert Panel) fare?

October 24, 2013 Junoir Blaber 7

MUNSTER, IRELAND: Our Heineken Cup Six Pack panel of “experts” finally got their egos in check, so we can go ahead and publish their Heineken […]


Heineken Cup Picks Results From The Six Pack, Our Expert Panel

October 15, 2013 Junoir Blaber 9

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND – Pundits are often considered experts but in the case of the RWU Six Pack and their Heineken Cup Picks, it might be […]