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Rugby-style Tackling Making Waves In NFL


RWU HQ – After a short power outage due to a severe thunderstorm and threat of a tornado, my power is back on and Internet is up and running. And with that, I bring you some interesting news in the NFL. It seems that more teams are catching on to the rugby-style tackling technique first adopted […]

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Rugby Tackling Technique Makes Way to High School Football


RWU HQ – You may remember I first mentioned the concept of  the Rugby Tackling Technique making it’s way to football here in the USA, back in August. It all started in the NFL with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. During training camp, Carroll released a video demonstrating a safer way to tackle – the way ruggers tackle. […]

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Could Rugby Lead to Safer Football


If you know Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, or if you’ve heard of him, you know that he’s a pretty innovative coach. Carroll recently released a video demonstrating a safer way to tackle – the way his coaching staff teaches it. And the football coach credits rugby to the new, safer way of tackling. […]

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