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Super Rugby Round 15 Preview: Everyone’s having fun except the Reds


AUCKLAND, NZ: Welcome back in to the column that’ll give you everything you need to know about this weekend’s Super Rugby action. Last week we saw a hand of upsets dealt out, so more than a few teams will be on their guard a little more this week. Before we crack into the match previews, […]

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Super Rugby Round 14 Review: Shark attack


AUCKLAND, NZ: One paragraph is all it took to set off a fair bit of reaction among a lot of fans out there in my last column, it seems not everyone (even fellow Kiwis) agree with my sentiments regarding the upcoming All Blacks/US Eagles match at Soldier Field on November 1. I’ve addressed most of […]

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Super Rugby Round 14 Preview: The business end is here


AUCKLAND, NZ: Welcome in to another installment of Super Rugby. Round 14 really marks the start of the run towards the playoffs, so expect thing so expect things to maybe get a little tighter in the comp. Or they may not, given that my picking abilities lately have been pretty bad. So, with that I’d […]

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