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More Professional Rugby in USA? Q&A With Diana Anderson of Major League Rugby


NEW YORK, NY  – With all the chatter be bandied about re professional rugby in the United States, the line between fact and fiction can become blurred. What do we know? We know that PRO Rugby and USA Rugby are currently not on the same page as per year two of that 5-team, history-making set-up. […]

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Austin Huns, Griffins, Red River: More Professional Rugby In America?


PHILADELPHIA, PA – As is likely apparent (by things like this and this), I am excited about PRO Rugby‘s inaugural season.  Even with that excitement, it is clear to me that the future and success of professional rugby in America is not all on the shoulders of PRO. Did we all see the article in the […]

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PRO Rugby Team Preview: Sacramento


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Sacramento is the PRO team that, from afar, seems to be getting the best local press.  They also have the biggest venue to fill, Bonney Field.  With a capacity of 14K (recently up from 11K, apparently), it is more than twice as big as the next largest venue, Torero Stadium, in San Diego. […]

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Class of 2016 USA Rugby Coaches, Clubs, Administrators to Watch


NEW YORK, NY – Yesterday, we gave you the Rugby Wrap Up 2016 USA Rugby Players To Watch – as compiled by yours truly, with the patience and help of RWU contributors  Jake Frechette, Grant Cole of This Is Texas Rugby, Wendy Young of Your Scrumhalf Connection and Wil Snape; former Northampton Saints player, Head […]

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