The Old Breed: Marine Corps Rugby Honors Fallen Heroes

June 23, 2015 RWU 2

Thanks to Jim Blottman for forwarding this. Who is the Old Breed? We are a group of Marines (and Navy Corpsmen), active duty, reservists, veterans […]

EPRC Draw, Faletau, Dolan, Currie Cup, U20WC, Tier 2/3 Cups, USA Rugby and World Rugby News

June 19, 2015 Junoir Blaber 2

NEW YORK, NY – Despite the Northern Hemisphere season being over there is still plenty of news coming out to report. Meanwhile, in the Southern […]

POC, Vermeulen, Top 14, USA Club Championships, Tier 2/3 Cups, JWC, And World Rugby News

June 17, 2015 Junoir Blaber 0

NEW YORK, NY – The domestic season is officially over with the completion of the Top 14 final, in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern […]

USA Sevens Analysis: Ticket to Rio, Booked!

June 15, 2015 Junoir Blaber 1

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA – A little known fact is that Cary is a great stopover on the way to Rio. Well for USA Sevens Eagles Men and Women, […]

#NACRA7s, Tuilagi, Russell, Spies, Tier 2/3 Cups, Player Moves and USA Rugby News

June 12, 2015 Junoir Blaber 0

NEW YORK, NY – It is almost time to look for the summer international test season. But not yet. We still have the Top 14 final […]

USA Sevens Analysis: 2015 NACRA Sevens Championships

June 12, 2015 Junoir Blaber 3

CARY, NORTH CAROLINA – Welcome to Cary. If you haven’t heard of it, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Cary is a smaller city just outside […]