Rugby TV/Podcast: Lucky Premiership Rugby/FOBC Scholarship Winners Katherine Aversano, Ubaida Ahmed


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NEW YORK, NY – Consider winning a Rugby Lottery of sorts. Then imagine that lucky lightening striking the same team twice. That’s exactly what happened to Fort Hunt Rugby Coach Katherine Aversano and player Ubaida Ahmed, who plays on the squad. Both were lucky winners of Premiership Rugby’s American Series Scholarships, courtesy of Friends of the British Council (FOBC) and Premiership Rugby. In Week 37 of our Fantasy Sports Network show, we get a glimpse of these two special people and rugby’s diverse culture of acceptance in our FOBC Community Corner segment.

Oh, and think you’re tough? Between Katherine and Ubaida, one survived a parachute not opening and the other played high school football on the boys’ team as a running back and kicker.


Be sure to check out this week’s other segments re the traditional Six Nations, our interview with the director & producer of the Richie McCaw movie, Chasing Great and our America’s Rugby Championship/MLR South America piece.  Click the pix to check them out.

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Rugby TV/Podcast: Lucky Premiership Rugby & Friends of the British Council, American Series Scholarship Winners: Katherine Aversano & Ubaida Ahmed

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