The Rugby Odds: Exclusive MLR Final Coverage, International Test Picks, DC’s Nate Osborne, USA Rugby

July 1, 2022 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – With the Major League Rugby season in the books, WWE legend John Bradshaw Layfield, “Rugby’s Gift To Mankind” – Gift Egbelu […]

MLR Weekly: USA’s RWC Good for MLR?, Mat Turner, Chris Turori, Steve Lewis, Highlights & Previews

May 19, 2022 Matt McCarthy 0

SEATTLE, WA – Can it really be that there are just 3 Major League Rugby regular weeks remaining? The season flew by. And so do […]

The Triumph of Black Lion

May 15, 2022 Alan Smithee 0

NEW YORK, NY – During the Grand Finale, the Black Lion was triumphant in beating the Lusitanos with a final tally of 17-14, leading them […]

Rugby TV/Pod: The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby Money-Makers, Liam “The Cleaver” Fawsitt, Johnny Spoons, Pooh

April 28, 2022 Matt McCarthy 0

“I love The Rugby Odds more than ice cream, puppies and the beaches of Bali.” – Mother’s Journal NEW YORK, NY – #WWE Legend John […]

The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby & Six Nations Picks, Spreads, Ball-Breaking & Threats of Violence

March 17, 2022 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – It’s that time of year when the competition is heated, livelihoods are on the line and the physicality is ratcheted up […]

Who's your best bet?

The Rugby Odds: Major League Rugby & 6 Nations Picks, Trash Talk, Frozen Nate Osborne, Hurt Feelings

March 10, 2022 Matt McCarthy 0

NEW YORK, NY – You know the old saying: “A rising tide lifts all boats?” Well now that the cream of the crop in Major […]