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RWU Nose Glasses MicYou want to be a Rugby Reporter/Writer/Pundit, do you?  Well, we’re always looking to add to our rapidly expanding international and passionate team, so if you don’t mind plying your trade plaudits while you build your following, this is your place.

For more info, contact us at:

You’ll need some Rugby Knowledge, know how to spell, form sentences and have something to say that others will find worthwhile. You’ll also need some Social Media tools; Twitter and Facebook accounts are a must, so get ’em if you don’t have ’em. Instagram doesn’t hurt, either… And a working knowledge of WordPress is key. Exhale, it’s easy. We use it, so how hard could it be? Watch this and you’ll be fine.

Here are some of our needs:
Columnists & On-Camera Talent: If you know Rugby and have something to say that others will find worthwhile, we have the forum for you. If you can edit your own goods, all the better.

Video Editors & Copy Editors: It all starts with content and getting it out there relies on folks with these skills. It’s a big plus if you’re a video editor that knows Premiere Pro and can work with green screen.

Graphic Designers: We’re always looking to improve our look and graphics play a big part in that. If you know Photoshop and have a graphic design skill-set, we’d love to have you.

Web & Podcast Experts: If you know how to produce a Podcast, know WordPress or have Web expertise, you’re in!

We’re not afraid of change or new ideas, so there’s opportunity here. Join us! Again, for more info, contact us at:


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