MLR Weekly: NOLA Head Coach Corey Brown, DC’s Koi-Koi Nelligan, USA Rugby Opinion, Analysis

July 12, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

WASHINGTON, DC – It is hotter than Hades along the eastern seaboard in the United States. And it will only get hotter, when a loaded […]

MLR Weekly: NOLA Gold GM Ryan Fitzgerald, Exclusive Highlights, Opinion, Predictions, News

June 13, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

NEW ORLEANS, LA – Pigs are flyin’ by the MLR Weekly corner office windows. Snowballs are being thrown in Hades. Democrats and Republics are hugging. […]

The Rugby Odds: Saints Anointed, MLR Stretch, Bloody Bath, URC Semis, Super Rugby Semis, Top14 Quarters

June 13, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

NEW YORK, NY -Professional rugby is at its collective global peak, and The Rugby Odds‘ spelunking, rugby mountaineer panel has it all succinctly navigated for […]

MLR Weekly: USA Coach Mike Friday re MLR Players, Olympics, Wrong 7s Format. PLUS MLR Highlights, Opinion

June 7, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

MADRID, SPAIN – What does USA 7s have to do with a MLR Weeky show? Potentially plenty. With that, USA Men’s 7s Head Coach Mike […]

The Rugby Odds: Revolutionary Dupont, MLR Upsets, Saints Marching, Munster’s URC, Super Rugby Sizzle

May 30, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

COSTA RICA – With all that’s going on in rugby, we needed some help. To the rescue came vacationing WWE “God” & rugby advocate, John […]

MLR Weekly: The Fabulous Filimone of NOLA, Exclusive Highlights, News, Opinion, Predictions, Picks

May 30, 2024 Alan Smithee 0

NEW ORLEANS, LA – It’s hot. So are the NOLA Gold. Red-hot and on 4-game winning streak. One big reason for that has been the […]