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Paul Holmes: Ohio Aviators, Tiger Rugby Coach re PRO Rugby, Doug Schoninger, Allegations


Paul Holmes is the founder of Tiger Rugby & 1823 Rugby, Assistant Coach of the Ohio Aviators, USA U20s & Falcons Coach and successful international businessman.  After seeing our interview with Pro Rugby Organization (PRO) owner Doug Schoninger, Mr. Holmes felt compelled to weigh in on the unfortunate PRO Rugby vs USA Rugby situation and […]

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Full Interview with Pro Rugby CEO Doug Schoninger


NEW YORK, NY – With a showdown looming between USA Rugby and Pro Rugby (specifically its owner, Doug Schoninger), the Internet has been abuzz. There are those condemning Schoninger, citing the grievances and lawsuits being filed. Others are blaming USA Rugby for its inaction, bad decisions and lack of direction. And as is the case […]

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Americas Rugby Championship #USAvCHI: Decadent Result for Eagles


PHILADELPHIA, PA – The final score, 64-0, is exactly the kind of result the Eagles must have been looking for heading into their match Saturday evening against Chile in Ft. Lauderdale.  The details of the process were far from perfect, but they scored 10 tries and Chile never looked like they would score a try.  With […]

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Mitchell Era for USA Eagles


PHILADELPHIA, PA – The John Mitchell era has begun for the USA Eagles. In order to get some sense of what the next 4 years might bring for the Eagles, we need to know what Mitchell is setting out to do and how he hopes to do it.  With that in mind, I went to Houston, […]

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USA Rugby Class of 2015 Review: How Our Predictions Fared


NEW YORK, NY– While the start of a new year brings much to look forward to, it’s also a good time to look back a bit. So, before we roll out our Class of 2015 later this week, let’s breakdown our USA Rugby Class of 2014, review the year they had and see if our […]

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2015 USA Rugby Players To Watch


NEW YORK, NY – A few years back we saw an idea in a magazine that called out to us. Instead of selected players noted for their previous year’s achievements (2014, in this case), we chose them for what we expect them to achieve in the new year (2015). And while we started with just […]

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