Pro Rugby Stats: Did Kickers Play Well? Attacking Effectiveness Rating

May 5, 2016 Jake Frechette 11

PHILADELPHIA, PA – For the recent PRO Rugby match between Denver and San Diego, Will Magie’s Attacking Effectiveness Rating (AR) was 4.81 while Kurt Morath’s was […]

PRO Rugby San Diego Surfs to First Win over Sacramento

April 24, 2016 Jake Frechette 1

PHILADELPHIA, PA –  San Diego must have jettisoned their first-game jitters last week with the other 4 PRO teams, even though they didn’t play.  Maybe […]

PRO Rugby Team Preview: San Francisco

April 17, 2016 Jake Frechette 0

PHILADELPHIA, PA – They have the most famous player in the league (or will have once he gets there); they have the right sized stadium; they […]

PRO Rugby Team Preview: Sacramento

April 13, 2016 Jake Frechette 3

PHILADELPHIA, PA – Sacramento is the PRO team that, from afar, seems to be getting the best local press.  They also have the biggest venue to […]

PRO Rugby Ohio. Demecus Beach

PRO Rugby Team Preview: Ohio

April 13, 2016 Jake Frechette 6

PHILADELPHIA, PA – With PRO Rugby’s kick off inching closer, it is time to look closely at what we know about the teams and how we […]

Southern Hemisphere Class of 2015 Review

February 2, 2016 Junoir Blaber 0

NEW YORK, NY – With another season of great Super Rugby action around the corner, we review the progress of our  Southern Hemisphere class of 2015 – just as […]