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Rugby World Cup: What Now for USA?


NEW YORK, NY – What lies ahead for the #bluenation2015, after a winless Rugby World Cup? It’s an interesting question. We will look at this year’s world cup performance overall. We will then analyze the state of the program, what we can build on for qualifying in 2019 and the search for a new coach. […]

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Fry and MacGinty: Player Development, Canada, Scrummaging


PHILADELPHIA, PA – AJ MacGinty and Eric Fry represent two ends of the USA Eagles’ player pool. One was born and raised overseas and only just became eligible to play for the USA. The other was born and raised here in the US, but went overseas to develop as a player. Unless there are a lot […]

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Analysis: CANvUSA


PHILADELPHIA, PA – By the final scoreline, it looks as though the Eagles handled Canada pretty easily last Saturday.  The 41-23 result was, largely, what the Eagles needed and what the Canadians must have been fearing.  But, for both sides, the match must be viewed both in terms of what happened on the day and […]

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Eagles vs Canada: Lineups for Round II #USAvCan

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Saturday sees the second contest between the USA and Canada this summer.  Round 1 narrowly went to the Eagles thanks to a late drop goal by AJ MacGinty.  Canada were winless in the Pacific Nations Cup, and it is the Eagles who head into the match with momentum. For the Eagles, the most […]

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Round 2 PNC Preview and brief Coach Mike Tolkin Q&A


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Friday is National Cousins Day, National Drive-Thru Day and National Tequila Day.  If you have a cousin who works at a drive-thru liquor store, this is your day. For the rest of us there is rugby – specifically the #PNC2015 – and I’ve got PNC Preview and a few questions answered by […]

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North American Rugby Classic: USA Rugby v CAN


SACRAMENTO, CA – The USA and Canada have released their lineups. Both teams went 0-2 against Scotland and Japan and will be itching to avoid the goose egg. For the Eagles, there are a few changes. In the front row, Titi Lamositele stays on the bench and Olive Kilifi gets another start. Lamositele is a […]

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