North American Rugby Classic: USA Rugby v CAN

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Thretton Palamo
Thretton Palamo

SACRAMENTO, CA – The USA and Canada have released their lineups. Both teams went 0-2 against Scotland and Japan and will be itching to avoid the goose egg.

For the Eagles, there are a few changes. In the front row, Titi Lamositele stays on the bench and Olive Kilifi gets another start. Lamositele is a young man who seems to be learning and growing pretty quickly, so hopefully he will get some quality minutes.

Cam Dolan is out with an injury. Hayden Smith comes in to second row, Scott Lavalla moves back to 7, and Danny Barrett moves back to 8.

Brett Thompson
Brett Thompson

Mike Petri starts again because there is no real option in camp. Shalom Suniula has had good moments at 10, so it makes sense he gets another game to grow into the role. Folau Niua, despite his monster hustle to save a try against Japan, is moved to the bench to make room for a man whose upside is pretty sexy: Thretton Palamo. Palamo makes his return to 15 side after winning a cap at the age of in 2007. He will be partnering with Seamus Kelly, if the mid field goes well it will be easy for this man to daydream about a pairing that grows for years to come.

The last change is Brett Thompson, who has looked good for the 7s team, bumping Tim Maupin. From here, it seems like Tim Maupin keeps playing at a good level but has failed to convince Mike Tolkin and the coaches that he deserves to be a regular starter.

This is another game for the Eagles starting with a 15 with lost of athleticism and talent. Hopefully, that will lead to the dynamism we saw last week with some of the errors removed.

Here are the line-ups:

Men’s Eagles | v Canada
1. Nick Wallace 2. Phil Thiel 3. Olive Kilifi 4. Samu Manoa 5. Hayden Smith 6. Todd Clever (C) 7. Scott LaValla 8. Danny Barrett
9. Mike Petri 10. Shalom Suniula 11. Brett Thompson 12. Thretton Palamo 13. Seamus Kelly 14. Blaine Scully 15. Chris Wyles

Men’s Eagles | Reserves
16. Tom Coolican 17. Eric Fry 18. Titi Lamositele 19. Louis Stanfill 20. Kyle Sumsion
21. Folau Niua 22. Chad London 23. Luke Hume

Canada | Starting XV
1. Andrew Tiedemann 2. Aaron Carpenter 3. Jake Ilnicki 4. Jamie Cudmore 5. Tyler Hotson
6. Jebb Sinclair 7. John Moonlight 8. Tyler Ardron (C)
9. Phil Mack 10. Harry Jones 11. DTH Van der Merwe 12. Connor Braid 13. Ciaran Hearn
14. Jeff Hassler 15. James Pritchard

Canada | Reserves
16. Hubert Buydens 17. Ray Barkwill 18. Jason Marshall 19. Jon Phelan 20. Kyle Gilmour 21. Gordon McRorie 22. Nathan Hirayama 23. Nick Blevins

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