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Rugby World Cup: News in Brief – Tuesday, September 22

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CASTRES, FRANCE – The short Rugby World Cup hiatus between group matches does not mean that nothing is happening. Here’s a rundown of the latest news from the tournament. Take the three! Japan coach Eddie Jones has admitted he was screaming: “Take the three! Take the three!” when his side, 32-29 down at the time, […]

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Rugby World Cup: Pool D Preview


LONDON, ENGLAND –  Three Six Nations rivals line up in Pool D of the Rugby World Cup. History dictates that France and Ireland will qualify ahead of Italy – with the big question on most people’s lips being who will go on to lose to pre-tournament champions-elect New Zealand in the quarter-finals. That does Canada […]

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Top 14 Recap: Stade Have Last Laugh Despite Reffing Howler


CASTRES, FRANCE: The clock is ticking down on the Top 14 season and this weekend brought with it more than its fair share of promotion and relegation issues – not to mention a reasonable smattering of controversy. With the Rugby World Cup looming and seasons ending – adding just a dash of relegation and promotion […]

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Six Nations Preview: Who Should Beware the Ides this March?


CASTRES, FRANCE – Pundits beware, the final weekend of the 2014 Six Nations coincides with the Ides of March and therefore comes with few certainties. Or, to steal the almost unintelligible words of Donald Rumsfeld back in 2002: “There are known knowns – things we know that we know. There are known unknowns – that […]

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