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Trevor LATS Cassidy is a New York Rugby Club player (#4) on loan to the Villager Rugby Club in Cape Town, South Africa. Yesterday’s columnist, Mathew Drew Turner, is also in Cape Town… Curious.

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Greetings from the cape, or “Howzit boet?” as they ask here. Like yesterday’s guest columnist, Mathew Drew Turner, I too have been blackmailed into writing for RWU by Johnathan Wicklow Barberie. And I was given some very loose instruction and told to:

Just give us a report on what it’s like being a New York Rugby guy playing in C.T.

So, I’ll be rugby version of Larry King with some very basic and very random observations:

They have a stadium that looks like my aunt's hat.

They buy shots like its just another round of drinks.

THE WOMEN ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL HERE, but they all have boyfriends; if you’re not involved with someone you’re weird.

The rugby is WAY more physical than back in The States. It’s a perfect mix of northern and southern hemisphere styles of play.
Eye-gouging? Please. I’ve only had it done 5 times in the first 3 minutes of the game in these pix. It’s a normal part of play for some teams I’m told.  Now I can expect frequent eye-gouges back home for saying that it’s more physical here.

The only thing holding back the Springboks is the insane amout of propaganda that is produced by their management: Friday is Bokke Day.

It’s not called partying. It’s called jolling, and when I hear that I first think of  Jolly Ranchers hard candy but then it immediately switches to a rancher drinking with his cows in the field.

Coach Danny is NOT on a Laka.

“Laka”means good, its not a form of finish for furniture from Sweden.

I’m convinced Afrikaans is a totally made up language that is spoken just to confuse foreigners. It sounds like German on drugs.

When you live with Coach Danny, he expects breakfast; 2 eggs over easy, beans with some chopped-up chilli &  1 slice of toast.

Rugby is on television 24 hours a day. It’s awesome… Wait. There are other sports?

Police photo. Damn!

Cops? Where I don’t see any…Whoops! There they are… Quick, give me 200 Rand and we can pay them off. Simple.

Rugby Club clubhouses are rarely only 1 floor.

Buying stuff here is cool. Becasue of the echange rate, I paid 36 Rand for an avacado and 599 Rand for a rugby jersey. It’s comon to spend a 1,000 Rand grocery shopping.


The views ain't bad, either.