Ode To French Rugby: The Last Fable de la Jean de la Fontaine

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ABU DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES – Hey everyone, it’s your proud “cock” and passionate Les Blues supporter, Wilfried Sentex. I’m now in Abu Dhabi, working as a sommlier, which allows overhearing many a tale. Here’s one I eavesdropped on just this week, days after France lost to New Zealand, while plying a grieving group of Frenchman with fine wines:

The last Fable de la Jean de la Fontaine:
Once upon a time (not so long though), there was a rooster called “Cock” who loved to travel and provoke.

So, Cock decided to play our favorite sport Rugby. After a lot of training and games, he thought he was ready to go and play against the best in the Rugby World Cup.

So he prepared himself in Frenchland and in Guinessland and won games, but knew he must improve a lot before the big event.

Then the time came, and he moved to Kiwiland. He discovered the culture, the people (called Kiwis) and the food, but – and who knows why – he needed time to adapt himself to the country. Maybe he missed Frenchland too much and its stinky cheese.

Anyway, now it was time to play some Rugby; 4 games to qualify himself, then 3 more to win the title. So he played his “pool” games and got his arse kicked twice.

But managed (or maybe it was luck) to qualify for the Quarter Final against Roseland. If you don’t already know, Cock didn’t like Roseland – because they party and do crazy stuff after games and throw teammates off boats. But Cock won(!) and even decided to grow a mustache to celebrate.

Then for the Semi Final he played Redland, not nicely – but still won. As some Guinessland people surely remember, in Frenchland it doesn’t matter the way you win as long as you win (a poke to Thierry Henry).

Then it was Final Time. It seems that “Kiwi” has something to do with dance. Cock was never too impressed by this”unfriendly” dance and, always in a provoking mood, decided to pass a message – something like “I own you.”

But the game didn’t go the way he thought and after a long and brave battle from both sides (helped by the referee as Frenchland will say), Cock lost. Even if he didn’t put the manner he almost reached his goal .

The moral of this story? It’s that a Rooster can eat Flowers or Plants (despite the spikes) but doesn’t digest Kiwis.