Eagles 7s Captain Matt Hawkins On Prep For HSBC 7s, Nick Edwards’ Return

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Matt "Polar Bear" Hawkins at the tres cool, Vegas 7s

Team USA Eagle 7s Captain Matthew “Polar Bear” Hawkins, despite being a husband & daddy and coaching SDSU, takes the Thursday slot on RWU.

SAN DIEGO, CA – Hello everyone. Just back to normal after a recovering from the Cartlon 7s Invitational in Sri Lanka. It’s the start of another great HSBC World Series next week and the USA Team has been working hard to get their ducks in a row for the huge leg ahead. Team USA kicks off its campaign on the Gold Coast of Australia. From there we move on to the insanely unique Dubai 7s and from there we wrap up the first leg of the HSBC 7s World Series in South Africa. With two of these stops being new in locations, it should be full of exciting surprises.


Back to Team USA and their preparation: There has been a renewed energy in the camp with the return of the electrifying wit and talent of a man by the name of Nick Edwards. Nick has been absent for the past 18 months and could not be more excited or determined to get back in the red, white and blue and let his team mates know he is back and better than ever.

Like Nick, I have been working my way back from a few things as well, and also relishing the opportunity to be back out on the pitch with all the guys. Hopefully, I’ll get the opportunity to have another crack at the best in the world.

I look forward to reporting back next week with the Team USA Selection and a recap of our stay on the Gold Coast. Congrats to Mat Turner for making the England Sevens Squad again, which he talked about in his Tuesday column. We’ll both have reports from Australia from different perspectives.

Please check in tomorrow with Eagle great, Phaidra Knight’s weekly Fridays With Phaidra and help the RWU gang by checking out the adverts. And if you missed it late yesterday, check out my mate Andrew Suniula’s Q&A with Johnathan Wicklow Barberie.

Matt Hawkins

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Matt Hawkins is the current Player/Coach of the USA Eagles 7s team. He is affectionately known as "The Polar Bear" because of his light blond hair and eyebrows. Plus, he likes grabbing salmon from Alaskan rivers.