It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia When There’s A College Rugby Championship

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – So, we’re up and at ’em and off to the College Rugby Championships – the CRC 7s – here in The City of Brotherly Love. It’s not what you’d call sunny but it’s actually a great day for rugby – especially if you’re an honorary member of the Irish Tanning Team. Last year, the sun was a tad too strong for our liking and we’re downright giddy about the cloud cover. But while players appreciate the cooler temps, they are wary about their ball handling and cutting abilities being compromised by the damp conditions.

“Hopefully it won’t be a factor but there is no margin for error at this level. One slip can cost you the championship.” – said one player who preferred to be anonymous because of his superstition. Not kidding.

But other players, including Team USA star Peter Tiberio, a seasoned CRC veteran, wasn’t concerned when asked if the weather would be a factor. “Not much. [Weather] looking pretty good now. We’re not worrying about it.”

Irish Tanning Team: Paki, McScruff, Badger

Good enough for us, Pete. So, we’re settling in for some great rugby. If Philly is close enough to you, come on down. You can hang with the likes of Paki, McScruff and Badger.

P.s… As we’re typing, the sun is peaking through. The Irish Tanning Team is in an utter state of flux.

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