CAR Rugby 1C Championships, HSAA Rugby Tour

High School All America Team
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NEW YORK via West Ghana – Here’s a quick update on two success stories that couldn’t be from more different parts of the globe; CAR Rugby 1C Championships and the HSAA Rugby Tour. Just typing this up, I couldn’t help but think how the world is made so much smaller by a game like rugby. Yet I digress…

Let’s start with the Confederation de African Rugby:

Botswana (Blue and Brown) used home field advantage to get by Zambia

England 2015 qualifying, Africa: The CAR (Confederation de African Rugby) 1C championships are being held in Botswana (the hosts) and also featuring Mauritius, Ivory Coast, Zambia and Nigeria. They are playing off for the 1C Championship and promotion 1B. The scores from the first round of matches are:

Day 1
Sunday 22 July
Mauritius 26 – Nigeria 22
Botswana 23 – Zambia 15

Day 2
Wednesday 25 July 2012
Nigeria 17- Ivory Coast 29

Okay… Now let’s prove just how inclusive and far-reaching rugby is and see what the High School All Americans are up to in South America:


USA High School All-Americans: The USA HSAAs continued their 5-game tour of South America and bounced back after their shocking loss to the Uruguay U-19s, in the first of their two meetings. In the rematch USA won 23-22. The biggest match of the tour will be the final match against Argentina U-18 today. Good luck boys!!

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