Johnathan Wicklow Barberie & Phaidra Knight Talk NY 7s & Vegas 7s

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NY 7s Tugboat SkylineNEW YORK, NY – In the United States, the rugby movement continues to swell from the ground up. Play Rugby USA, Rookie Rugby and club programs like the New York Rugby Club’s U19s, point to a bright future for Team USA’s Eagles, male and female. But some of the longer-tenured American rugby staples continue to thrive. Our two favorites, the New York 7s & Vegas 7s, are no exception. Choosing one or the other can be tough; one is for varying abilities while the other features international stars. Plus, the cities they are in  couldn’t be any different.

Phaidra Knight JWBBut rest easy. Our Johnathan Wicklow Barberie and Team USA Legend Phaidra Knight determine which you should go to and why.

Reporting from New York, the following has cameos from some of the biggest names in rugby, plus some of the great teams that travel to both…

So… We’re going to Vegas. Will we see you there?

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