Heineken and Amlin Cup Semi-Final Previews

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NEW YORK, NY –  Trying to nail down our Expert Panel for meetings is like trying to shepherd cats. We finally convened  and people got their picks and reasons in… And just to review, the Panel is comprised of West Ghana’s Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber, Ireland’s quick-witted fly-half (that’s redundant) Kevin Fegan, the infamous Ireland National, Declan Yeats, feisty French #8 Pyk O’Kallapfer, contrived Kiwi Johnathan Wicklow Barberie and newest staff member, England’s own, Jamie Loyd. The Six Pack as they are called are like a variety pack of cheap beer, guaranteed to taste different and guaranteed to leave you with a mean hangover. Lets not delay any further and get to the picks for the Heineken Cup Semi-final.


Clermont logo

Munster logoAsm Clermont Auvergne v Munster
The group is decidedly leaning toward Clermont. Here’s why:
BLABER: Clermont have all the class and players. Munster were lucky to get by Harlequins.
FEGAN: This might be a bridge too far for a beat-up Munster team. The bench for Clermont alone is fantastic.
Pyk: Clermont, I laugh at anyone who would think Munster have a chance.
YEATS: I have to pick the Irish boys or I may have to start locking my car doors in Cork. Goooo Munster!!.
JWB: I refuse to leave Declan isolated, so like any good teammate “With you”. Goooo Munster.
LOYD: What a choice for an Englishman to choose between the Smelly French and the Bogtrotting Irish. I go with Clermont, they are star studded and just better from top to bottom.

saracensToulonSaracens v. Toulon
Toulon seem to be the preferred favorites and here is why;
BLABER: Toulon has more international stars than the famed Barbarians. Head Coach Bernard Laporte needs to start producing titles so I can’t see Toulon losing this..
FEGAN: Going with Saracens. The English lads will be desperate to get something out of the season.
Pyk: All-French Final!! Oui, it will happen.
YEATS: Down with the English. I cannot speak for Fegan’s loyalities, but I am disappointed in him.
JWB: Didn’t leave Yeats alone, and I won’t leave Fegan alone so put me on the Saracens bandwagon.
LOYD: Since Toulon have so many non-French players, this doesn’t feel as dirty, but I agree with Monsieur O’Kallapfer, all-French final.

Amlin Challenge Cup: The Heineken Cup’s little brother, the Amlin, is also happening this weekend. We remembered that as the bill was arriving for the table. JWB lost at credit card roulette and we quickly came up with our predictions.

Leinster V. Biarritz
Monsieur O’Kallapfer wants another all French final so he will be rooting for Biarritz, the rest of us with our wits about us, realized that Leinster are finding form and are healthy unlike earlier in the season. 5-1 we voted Leinster.

Perpignan v. Stade Francias
We waited for O’Kallapfer to pick the Parisian club, Stade Francias. Then we all decided to pick against him, just out of spite and fun.

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