VIDEO: Alex Magleby On Resigning & Future of Team USA 7s

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Alex Magelby and Matt McCarthy Rugby_Wrap_Up
Matt McCarthy and Alex Magelby

PHILADELPHIA, PA – In a move that surprised and shocked many in the USA Rugby world,  Coach Alex Magleby, Head Coach of Team USA 7s, decided to step down – effective after the Rugby World Cup 7s in Moscow.’s own Matt McCarthy caught up with Mags at the CRC 7s Invitational in Philadelphia.

In a candid and fast-paced interview, McCarthy asks Magleby the hard questions pertaining to his departure after just one year and consequent impact on the recently competitive and soaring Eagles.

They also discuss potential replacements, changes that the departing coach has helped implement and enhance and the impact of 7s on the future of 15s in the USA.

See for yourself:

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And for something a bit different in 7s reporting, our man Johnathan Wicklow Barberie with Sir Gordon Tietjenswho was newly knigthed:

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