Weekend Preview: USA vs Ireland, Lions vs Reds, Summer Tours and Tournaments

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Junoir Blaber

NEW YORK, NY: The USA vs Ireland Match is the match that all Americans will be paying attention to this weekend. However there is also the Lions vs Reds in Queensland, plus the two Junior World Rugby Tournaments and more. Lets give you the rundown of all the global action.

USA v Ireland: If there was ever a time for the US to take one from Tier 1 opposition, it would this match. Ireland will be missing at least 10 first team players due to the Lions and the US will have its full compliment of starters. If you see JWB and RWU regular Grant Cole will be there in person, so make sure to say hello.

Lions v Reds: In the midweek match, against the Force, the final score was Force 17 – 69 B & I Lions. Now the Lions face the Reds who will most likely be the sternest test opposition they will face on tour before they play Australia. The Force shamefully didn’t throw out an A side line-up but the Reds have put out their strongest side minus their Wallabies, of lions-and-reds-logoscourse.

Pacific Nations Cup: The final from the midweek match was Fiji 18 – 20 Canada, this means Canada are now 2-0 and Fiji is 1-1. How Canada will fare against fully rested Tonga on short rest will be real interesting.

Summer Tours : The Summer tours have started.There is a 4 team mini-tournament in South Africa featuring South Africa, Italy, Scotland and Samoa. A second string Wales team will go up against Japan.  France, the only team impervious to the All Black mystique, takes on the All Blacks in New Zealand.

New Zealand – France
Japan – Wales
Argentina – England
South Africa – Italy
Scotland – Samoa

Junior World Cup: The JWC is the yearly World Cup held for U-20 teams of the top tier rugby playing nations. The USA is in it this year after winning the Junior World Trophy, the second tier competition. Here are the midweek results:

South Africa 97 – 0 USA
New Zealand 59 – 6 Fiji
Argentina 44 – 13 Scotland
France 6 – 30 England
Ireland 19 – 15 Australia
Wales 42 – 3 Samoa

It was a tough first game for the US as they came up against the reigning JWC champions. Hopefully things get better in their next few matches and they manage to avoid relegation. Here is the weekend schedule of matches:

South Africa – England
Wales – Scotland
Ireland – Fiji
France – USA
New Zealand – Australia
Argentina – Samoa

Junior World Trophy:
The Junior World Trophy is a second tier competition of the Junior World Cup, getting promoted to the Junior World Cup competition. The US won the JWT last year and that is why they are in the Junior World Cup. Here are the midweek results:

Italy 59 – 13 Portugal
Japan 43 – 22 Tonga
Canada 36 – 15 Uruguay
Chile 23 – 21 Namibia

As expected Italy is stating their case to return to the JWC but  Canada seems to making a case too. Tonga who started well were shocked by Japan. This means the Italy vs Canada match might decide who wins the group and who makes it to the finals. Here is the weekend schedule of matches:

Namibia – Uruguay
Portugal – Tonga
Italy – Canada
Chile – Japan

ASIA 5 Nations:
This version of Asia 5 nations is actually the Asian 5 Nations B, it is easier to remember as just the A5N. We also noticed it has 8 teams but we thought best not tell the organizers. The winner of this tourney gets promoted to play in the 5 Nations A against the like of Hong Kong and Japan. Here are the midweek results:

China 0 – 76 Qatar
Guam 33 – 15 Indonesia
Malaysia 48 – 10 Iran
Singapore 67 – 8 India

It seems Qatar is making a strong case to make to be promoted but so too is Singapore. This weekend will help separate those really pushing for the top from the rest. Here is the weekend schedule of matches:

India – Iran
Qatar – Guam
Singapore – Malaysia
China – Indonesia

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