Rugby League With New Way to Relegate!

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fuslLONDON, ENGLAND – With the start of this season’s Super League, they have also added a new style of promotion and relegation.  Granted, the bottom team will not be safe. But why not add in the bottom four? That’s something we may very well see, as beginning in 2015 they will relegate three teams down to the Championship.

With the start of the year all teams know this is a big season. If you’re not in the top 11 you’re going down! That’s three teams to be relegated, while one Championship team will be promoted.  At the moment there are four teams with 1 or fewer points, so this year’s battle could be a great one.  By the looks of things the bottom team, Bradford Bulls (on -2 points due to administration), will probably be able to stay in the Super League.  Teams to be relegated: London Broncos, Catalan Dragons, and Hull KR.

sl mapNow, with those teams relegated, that would leave no team outside the M62 corridor – meaning that the Super League next year would be strictly a Northern sport  – even when you consider who will be promoted. That is until the relegation battle comes into play.

Perhaps the most interesting thing the RFL has done is in regards to the promotion and relegation scheme.  During the season the teams will be split into three groups of 8 in the Super League and Championship.  The top 8 in Super League go on to play for the championship, while the bottom 4 from Super League and Top 4 from Championship go on to fight in a new league with the top 4 spots playing in next years Super League.  The remaining 8 Championship teams will fight to not be last and avoid the 1 relegation spot to Championship 1.

All in all, it’s a very different system that should see some very interesting match-ups come the end of the season.

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