Six Nations Six Pack Final Selections

Brian O'Driscoll will make his final appearance for Ireland in Dublin against Italy in the Six Nations on Saturday
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Brian O'Driscoll will make his final appearance for Ireland in Dublin against Italy in the Six Nations on Saturday
Brian O’Driscoll will make his final appearance for Ireland in Dublin against Italy in the Six Nations on Saturday

The RWU Six Pack is comprised of West Ghana’s Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber, England’s Knight of the Realm Jamie Loyd, East Midlands’ Machiavellian Rugger Nick Hall, the infamous Ireland National, Declan Yeats, the Irish-born, Castres-residing, lean(ish), mean(ish) writing machine, James Harrington and contrived Kiwi Co-Host, Johnathan Wicklow Barberie

New York, New York:  The Six Pack is ready to welcome the end of the Six Nations, which has proved far more troublesome than the Heineken Cup, in terms of predictions. This weekend, Ireland‘s match with France will determine the outcome of the championship. Barring a truly miraculous occurrence, Brian O’Driscoll will be lifting the trophy once more, despite losing to the English. Perhaps it is only appropriate that his triumph is tempered somewhat, as the final weekend seems to be a coronation for the most celebrated of Irish centres, nay, world players.


The six pack had to do some painstaking work. For a full preview of each match, check out Mssr. Harrington’s preview each. It seems the guys are united on the way their views. They expect England to trump in Rome, Wales to vanquish Scotland and Ireland to win in Paris (all except Mr. Hall). It appears that this year’s title is Mssr. Harrington’s to lose.

Italy vs England
Blaber: Italy have no chance. Only national pride from playing in Rome and the ghost of Giuseppe Garibaldi will spare them a drubbing enough for the English to overtake the French. (Pick of the Week)  
Harrington: England will win, sure as the tide comes in.
Yeats: The Italians are retreating faster than their army during WWII.
Loyd: Wavered last week, this week. I’m strong on the English bandwagon. (Pick of the Week)
Hall: Does anybody even need a reason for this pick? The English will dominate, end of story. (Pick of the Week)
JWB: Not even Sergio Parisse’s return can will Italy’s Argentinians to much more than a competitive 50 minutes. The Romans are bringing cannoli’s to a cannon fight. (Pick of the Week)

Wales vs Scotland
Blaber: Coached by the Fat Old Alf Bluffer, Scotland will find a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
Harrington: Scotland have that losing habit. Even without Halfpenny and despite having tired Lions in the side, Wales in Cardiff will be too strong for a side that lost to France when they had Les Bleus beaten. (Pick of the Week)
Yeats: The Scots will need more than William Wallace and that magical haggus to win in Wales.  (Pick of the Week)
Loyd: Scotland just does not look like they can close out a match and Wales seem more prepared to close out a game..
Hall: Anyone think Wales is losing this match? No? Then it’s decided…Scotland is a distinctly second tier nation, if they weren’t already. Really tempted to throw an upset in here, but with the home field advantage, I can’t see Wales losing.
 JWB: Wales is the new France – in a rugby sense. What does that mean? It means they are a disjointed mash, disinterested for inexplicable periods, and disappointing to their fans. Yet, Scotland would love their problems. Dragons eat Thisltes.

BODFrance vs Ireland
Blaber: The Boys let down BOD in Twickenham, now is the day they show their love. If they care about the man at all they will send him out on top.
Harrington: Only a fool would take the crumbling French against the Ireland onslaught sure to occur.
Yeats: BOD’s last matchSix Nations title in the offering. Ireland won’t want to lose this one…This will be a joyous day for the Lads in Green. UP THE IRISH!
Loyd: It could not be better written if it was script. You have to believe that Ireland will find a way to win.
Hall: I have to do something to make up some ground (and avoid finishing in last). Wish this wasn’t it, but for once, I’m cheering on the Frogs. No BOD worship for this  “Machiavellian” rugger.
JWB: Like this was a choice? Pick against BOD/GOD? Face my mother, Margaret Mary McGuirk and tell her France is at home? Never. It’s A Great Day For The Irish!

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