RIPA Rugby Magic: A Familiar Rugby Dilemma

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Our friends, RIPA (Rugby International Players Association), whom we first meet at the New York 7s have penned a guest piece about all that we love about rugby and the unique opportunity a rugger can have by joining up with them.

The RIPA team at Cape Town Tens 2014. held at the Hamilton's Rugby Club.
RIPA Rugby at Cape Town Tens 2014. held at the Hamilton’s Rugby Club.

TORONTO, ONTARIO – Growing up, there was something magical about the game of rugby. In those days rugby wasn’t professional. Players didn’t play for money. They played for pride. They played for glory. They played for their brothers/sisters standing beside them on the pitch.

Not that they don’t do this today, but back then it was different. For me, rugby wasn’t just a sport; it was a lifestyle – and central to that lifestyle was ‘touring.’ Tours combined everything that was right with the game of rugby – exploring the world, competing as a team, representing my club and achieving greatness – both on the pitch and in the pub.

As life got more complicated, I found I wasn’t adding enough new stories to my rugby scrapbook. Life was getting in the way of my rugby – not enough free time to commit to a full season and too many things to do to make every match. I needed a new way to create the stories that would help pave my way to rugby glory.

If you’re reading this far, you’re probably a lot like I was, frustrated you don’t have enough rugby in your life, frustrated you don’t have enough of that ‘magic.’

That’s why I created ‘borderless rugby’ – the concept of RIPA. Now my life is surrounded by rugby. I’m playing more rugby, creating more stories and having fun with more teammates. Even my game has improved – and my fitness. The rugby magic is back.

What’s more, I get the opportunity to play rugby whenever I want, explore exciting travel destinations and meet other rugby fanatics from around the world.

At RIPA we’re recreating the magic of rugby through our borderless rugby movement. And we have some great new things I’m excited to tell you about… More ways for you to enjoy rugby year-round, improve your skills, travel the world, meet new friends and simply become legendary.

Stay tuned; we’ll have a few things to run by you in the next couple of weeks. But in the meantime, what defines the ‘magic of rugby’ for you?

Check out our video and reach out.

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