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Thanksgiving-Rugby-Turkey-Rugby_Wrap_UpUSA – Rugby is a game. A fabulous, fantastic, wonderful game that is good on so many levels. It’s a great diversion from everyday life and the struggles therein. And with Rugby Thanksgiving upon us, I thought it was a good time for some reflection. Sitting here in my warm house, I’m very aware that there are those who don’t have shelter, enough food, or family and friends who love them. Sometimes it’s the little things, too, that can make all the difference – a smile from a stranger, a hubby who knows how to fix the water heater, and maybe hitting the gas station just as the price goes down. It’s up to us as individuals to be kind and giving to people who need kindness, a hug, or a warm meal. It’s time for some “Thanks” and some “Giving.” Rugby-style, of course.

Thanks go to:

AIG, USA Rugby, and NZ Rugby – for putting on quite a show and really getting November off to a good start!

**Our coaches, who put in hundreds of (often unpaid) hours while maintaining “regular” jobs!

Our referees, who also put in tons of hours as they continue their love of rugby through refereeing, and training up-and-comer refs!

All those parents who sign the dotted line on the forms and say, “Yes!” to this great sport; all those supportive families of the guys and gals who play adult club level & beyond; and all those supportive fans, even if they’re not sure what’s transpiring on the field!

happy_thanksgiving_turkeyTo all those great team players who do whatever it takes to get the live-streaming/social media thing done! [Thanks to the guys who braved the cold and brutal weather in Elkhart, IN in mid-November to live stream their team, University of Southern Indiana Eagles, as the Eagles played in the National Small College Rugby Organization Mid-Central Regionals!]

And Giving to:

Movember – I’ve seen so many posts about Movember! If you’ve not donated yet, and would like to, you can help out our own Rugby Rain Man, Junior Blaber, at his Movember site!

Efforts to help family and friends in West African countries affected by the Ebola outbreak. I stumbled across the Central Terrors Rugby team from Colorado Springs, CO, and their campaign to help a club family help their own family members in Liberia and Sierra Leone. While ebola has not infected the majority of people in these countries, it has affected an overwhelming number of people due to the side effects of businesses closing, people staying home, etc. And while it might seem improbable with all that’s going on, rugby is succeeding in at least one of those countries, Sierra Leone, with the Sierra Leone Rugby League Federation.

T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Morgan Johnson
Click for the T-Shirt Campaign to Assist Morgan Johnson

Efforts to assist fellow ruggers Jillion Potter and Morgan Johnson (and THANKS to USA Rugby for getting the word out via FB & Twitter).  Jillion, a USA Women’s Eagles World Cup player, was recently diagnosed with Stage III Synovial Sarcoma. You can offer your support and stay current on Jillion’s progress at her YouCaring.com site . Monies raised in excess of the initial goal will be sent to the Sarcoma Foundation of America . Morgan, a member of the Twin Cities Amazon Rugby Club, was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. You can show your support for Morgan, and share your encouraging words, through a t-shirt campaign here. Keeping you both my thoughts and prayers!

Rugby foundations and trusts throughout the country and world, including USA Rugby and many states. These entities, through specific areas of need, strive to give people the opportunity to play the game. Check your own state rugby organization to find out more about foundations in your area.

Area college teams traveling onward and upward to advanced competitions! They would love your assistance with their travel needs.

Local food banks & soup kitchens – any mention of Giving during Thanksgiving, with or without rugby, would be remiss without mentioning these valuable local resources. Grab friends, grab a teammate, and volunteer at these essential parts of our communities.

May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends! Oh, and if you’re not wanting to watch the annual NFL games, you can catch Wales vs. New Zealand rugby early in the day (EST) and an Aviva Premiership match later on beIN Sports TV! THANK YOU to Junoir Blaber for cluing me in to this channel!

Either way, make sure you check out the SnapCall sports trivia app to win a trip to the Vegas 7s!

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