RWU Rugby Travel Forum: Share Experiences, Ask & Answer Questions…

Please Share.

RWU Rugby Travel ForumNEW YORK, NY – Okay, as per the request of one of most-traveled ruggers we know, Dr. Blaise Latriano, our mate from the New York Rugby Club, this is the RWU open Rugby Travel Forum for you to share your rugby-related travel experiences… to ask and answer questions of your fellow ruggers and friends.

Feel free to offer up interesting stories, anecdotes and Kangaroo Kourt proceedings. Just mind the expletives and be creative when need be, as we have younger fans and our Moms reading these…

Check in for deals as we’ll be establishing relationships in the travel world.

In the meantime, fire away below… and safe travels.

P.s… We are available to chaperone and travel light.

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