Comprehensive Look at Pool Play Scrums

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Here is a round up of the scrum data for the pool play of Rugby World Cup 2015.  86% of scrums ended with a positive outcome for the attacking side.  Ignoring resets, 65% of scrums were completed.  35% ended in a penalty or a free kick.

The full table with all of the data is here. Here is what it looks like when you play around and sort by different criteria.

Scrum Table giphy-7

Georgia had 33 attacking scrums. From those, they won 16 penalties.  That’s absurd!  Contrast that with Namibia’s 0 penalties won from 35 attacking scrums.

Japan, New Zealand, and USA won all of their attacking scrums.

Uruguay conceded the most penalties on their attacking scrums with 8.

Fiji and Wales had the most effective defensive scrums.  Both sides limited their opponents to 68% positive outcome rate.

Here are all the scrums from the last quarter (minutes 60-80+) of all the matches in pool play.   But click on this link to get the full, interactive map.Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 12.16.48 PM

All data is from RWC 2015 and collected by me and Somye Goyal.
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