More on PRO Rugby Situation: Dismissed Coach Paul Keeler Tells His Side

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NEW YORK, NY – First off, Happy New Year to you and yours. We hope this finds you happy and healthy. On the American rugby front, neither of those terms can be applied to the parties involved in the escalating battle between the Professional Rugby Organization (Pro Rugby or PRO) owner Doug Schoninger and some of its coaches, players, staff and vendors. Front and center in the fight is USA Rugby and potentially, the newly-formed United States Rugby Players Association (USRPA). Caught in the middle are rugby fans, unfortunately, and we will do our best to keep our fellow fans informed on any developments and provide a platform for those involved to state their opinions and views, without offering ours.To that end, we have recently posted interviews with league owner Schoninger and Ohio Aviators Assistant Coach, and Tiger Rugby founder, Paul Holmes.

Today’s piece was intended to be another transcribed-to-written-word interview with dismissed Head Coach of  the disbanded San Francisco Rush, Paul Keeler, but it is much better heard than read. So from the comfy confines of the Pig N Whistle on W36th Street in NYC, we took the time to enhance the experience for you by adding relevant photos, graphics, quotes and clips, so feel free to pull up a chair, grab a coffee or beverage of choice and watch – or simply listen. Don’t be scared off by the length; it moves quickly and you can always break it up into parts.

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