Chat with Andrew Trimble of Ireland pre USA Rugby Match at Red Bull Arena

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NEW YORK, NY – With the St. Paddy’s Day feeling filling the frigid air here in a frozen NYC, Ireland and Ulster star wing Andrew Trimble warmed us up a bit with a quick Q&A. Hopefully  we’ll get to follow-up with Mr. Trimble in person come in June, when his squad comes Red Bull Arena in Newark, NJ – okay Harrison, NJ – to play the USA Rugby Eagles. We were also in touch with Eagles Co-Captain, Blaine Scully, and that piece will follow.

Some pertinent info re Andrew Trimble as per his Ireland bio:

For the Americans reading this, you’ll be the toast of all cocktail parties if you know your weight in stone, killograms, and meters (above), respectively. The big number, though, is the Caps. That’s 70, folks. That’s impressive for such an excellent squad.


MCCARTHY: Andy, Drew or Andrew?
TRIMBLE: Andrew’s fine.

MCCARTHY: How is the health?
TRIMBLE: Broken hand at the minute but I’ll be back playing in a few short weeks, hopefully.

MCCARTHY: Ever been to Newark, NJ – outside of the airport?
TRIMBLE: Nope. Been to NYC a few times and love the place!

MCCARTHY: If you had to live in one place in America,  where would it be?

MCCARTHY: You and USA Co-Captain Blaine Scully were on this exchange. You played against Scully in the past. What was it like?
TRIMBLE: He and I chatted about it earlier. We played against each other in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. USA played great that day, with Paul Emerick leading the charge on the anniversary of 9-11.

MCCARTHY: Name your Top 3 American sports teams, whatever the sport?
TRIMBLE: I was a BIG Cubs fan for a week in November! Haven’t followed it since, mind you!

MCCARTHY: Which of your teammates has the least chance of getting a tan?
TRIMBLE: I’d be up there, to be honest.

MCCARTHY: How cool does it feel to be part of the growing history of professional rugby and high-quality rugby in the United States?
TRIMBLE: If the game in November is anything to go by, the American/Irish rugby supporters across the water absolutely love it! It’s great to be a part of something that might grow to be very special some day.

MCCARTHY: Mets or Yankees?
TRIMBLE: Yankees.

MCCARTHY: Thanks mate. Slainte.
TRIMBLE: You’re welcome.

*Thanks to Nick Sero and Lindsey Raivich for facilitating this.

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