Sub-Plots for Final Day of Vancouver 7s: Father Time, Kids, Scooby Doo?

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VANCOUVER, CANADA – Yesterday was a great day of rugby; one where your special someone or family members asks, “You’re still watching rugby?” You know, with THAT LOOK… We were anchored at our favorite rugby pub in NYC, the Pig N Whistle on West 36th Street, at 8:30 AM EST for Italy [rucking & losing] vs France in the Six Nations and stayed, of course, for England’s dismantling of an injury-ravaged Scotland squad. This was AFTER being there on a Friday afternoon for Wales walloping Ireland. So coming home to sit on the couch for a full day of Vancouver 7s was not exactly a popular decision. Fortunately, the wife knows it’s all work. 😉 Anyway, after watching an extremely entertaining Day One, which included some fine work in the booth from our pal Dallen Stanford, whom we are reluctant to compliment out of sheer petty jealousy, we’ve compiled some subplots for Day Two. Here they are:

Vili “Kid” Koroi (trademark) vs Julien “Father Time” Candelon: One is an EIGHTEEN year-old magician for the All Blacks 7s, the other is an EIGHTY year-old wizard for France.

Try Scoring Race: Collins Injera of Kenya vs Dan Norton of England. These two are like Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa (off drugs) hitting homers in the incarnation of tries at a stunning pace. And they are neck and neck…

Fro Man: There’s a lot that’s exciting about Team USA these days. Danny Barrett is merely a beast… Perry Baker is electrifying with the ball and now steady on defense… Madison Hughes has emerged as true field general… and Folau Niua has us follically (check spelling) challenged types giddy, living vicariously through him…

You’ve also got TIMELESS WONDERS… Check out England’s James Rodwell (the lanky ginger) and NZ’s DJ Forbes (bald bearded brute). These guys don’t play touch-rugby, folks. They are warriors. And they’ve been at it forever. They deserve your eyes.

Finally, for hosts Rugby Canada… Harry Jones is make Canadians crazy for something other than hockey and curling with his scintillating play. He’s also a dead-ringer for Shaggy.

That’s it. Sit back. Sip something nice. And watch some great rugby.

Watch the action on the World Rugby website.

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