PRO Rugby Owner Doug Schoninger Lowers Boom on USA Rugby

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Rugby_Wrap_Up Doug_Schoninger Matt_McCarthy

NEW YORK, NY  – PRO Rugby USA Owner Doug Schoninger, the man that brought professional rugby to the USA for the first time ever, tells his side of the Pro Rugby vs USA Rugby saga, sharing an exact timeline of events and potential breaches of their agreement. This rare on-camera appearance with Matt McCarthy did have established parameters but will likely lead to further on-camera interviews with the NYC businessman.

Mr. Schoninger refers to a printed timeline of dates and potential corresponding infractions, implicating the likes of former USA CEO Nigel Melville, former USA Rugby Board Chairman Bob Latham, current Board Chairman Will Chang and current USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne, to answer McCarthy’s opening question: “What do you have to say to the players, coaches, vendors out there whom are unhappy for not being in paid in full for what they initially thought they’d get?”

Included in his response are references to the Guinness Pro 12 and MLRMajor League Rugby.

You can Watch or Listen (SoundCloud or iTunes) to the full interview here:

It is important to note that Mr. Schoninger has agreed to come on camera with Mr. Chang, Mr. Keck, Mr. Payne, all or any, with Matt McCarthy moderating.

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