Studio Show: USA Rugby/Bath Legend Dan Lyle re Pro Rugby In USA, NBC Sports, AEG Rugby, MLR

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Rugby_Wrap_Up, Dan_Lyle Matt_McCarthy Junoir_Blaber
Dan Lyle once again adding a little class… But would the Rugby Rain Man get Stumped? And thanks to Eagle Hooker Jesse Lopez for the tie!

NEW YORK, NY – Another great week sets up another action-packed weekend of rugby. Though we’ll be at the Glendale 7s, you can bet we won’t miss any of the Women’s Rugby World Cup, which has been edge-of-your-seat-exciting. With that, here’s our latest from the Fantasy Sports Network Studios… including Dan Lyle of AEG Rugby and USA Rugby lore. Dan talks about:

AEG Rugby, NBC Sports & Premiership plans for Rugby in America
-The MLR – Major League Rugby
USA Rugby’s struggles
Dan Payne
USAR All Americans vs Oxford University
-Becoming a rugby star instead of a Minnesota Viking.

In this week’s other segment, we’re all about the stellar Women’s Rugby World Cup – #WRWC2017 has been nothing short of outstanding. The Irish rendition, the 8th such Cup, has had moments that we’ll all hold on to for a long, long time. Exciting matches, big hits, pressure kicks, amazing skill sets and ferocious determination. Rugby Rain Man Junoir Blaber and Matt McCarthy talk about:

Rugby_Wrap_Up, Dan_Lyle Matt_McCarthy Junoir_Blaber Rain_Man
Rugby Wrap Up glasses? Check!

-Standout/Key #WRWC Players
-Proposal to unify the WRWC with the men’s Rugby World Cup.
Stump The Rugby Rain Man, with Blaber answering questions from fans.

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Dan Lyle Segment:

#WRWC & Stump The Rugby Rain Man Segment:

And here’s the Dan Lyle segment:
USA Rugby Legend Dan Lyle re Pro Rugby In USA, NBC, AEG, MLR

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Watch here or listen on iTunes or SoundCloud and be sure to check out our previous shows via the Videos button on the homepage.

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