Studio Show: Premiership Rugby in USA: FAILURE or SUCCESS? Alex Corbisiero, Eggchasers Podcast, David Flatman

Premiership Rugby-Newcastle-v-Saracens-Corbisiero - Eggchasers Podcast - Matt McCarthy - Rugby Wrap Up
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Premiership Rugby-Newcastle-v-Saracens-Corbisiero - Eggchasers Podcast - Matt McCarthy - Rugby Wrap Up

NEW YORK, NY – As the dust settled on Premiership Rugby’s Newcastle v Saracens match in Philadelphia USA, Rugby Wrap Up welcomed Alex Corbisiero of NBC Sports and JB (Jonathan Beardmore) of the Eggchasers Rugby Podcast on this our Fantasy Sports Network show. Was this event a failure, as many in the media say? FAILURE or SUCCESS? Corbisiero, JB and Matt McCarthy – all at the stadium for the match – give their answers to those questions, discuss what Premiership Rugby, USA Rugby and AEG Rugby can learn from the event ahead of next year’s match in USA, and give a review of USA Rugby Men’s Collegiate All-Americans vs Oxford University.

Also making appearances on the show:
Saracens star Nick Isiekwe
-Rugby Legend David Flatman
-Oxford Captain Conor Kearns
-Oxford and England 7s star Sam Edgerley

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