STUDIO SHOW: Major League Rugby NY Rep re CBS, MLR NY Future & Silicon 7s Report Card

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Before we get to our stuff, here’s a peek at the VERY COOL and WELL-DESERVED Hall of Fame weekend featuring our pal, Phaidra Knight.

Now, for our stuff.
Rugby_Wrap_Up, Major-League-Rugby-CBS-Sports-Silicon_7s

NEW YORK, NYShow 22, Part I of our weekly Fantasy Sports Network show features Nishant Nereyeth, who is not exactly a household name in rugby… yet! See, “Nish” is with the NY franchise of the fast-moving MLR Major League Rugby – comp that just inked a CBS Sports deal. He and Matt McCarthy talk about that TV deal and the NY entry…

Rugby_Wrap_Up, Major-League-Rugby-CBS-Sports-Silicon_7sAlso, Ronan Nelson takes a look back at the inaugural Silicon Valley Sevens International Rugby Tournament:
-Was it a success?
-What’s the aim of the tourney?
-Should fans go next year?
-What do Jon Hinkin and Val Kilmer have to do with it?

This includes stellar cameos from the storied Connecticut Grey.

And be sure to check out Part II in which our Rugby Vintage Whines Panel talks about the uncertain future – and glorious past – of the Barbarians!

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