STUDIO SHOW: Years Collide: Old Boys Rugby Palooza/Cast of Characters HOOK Kids

STUDIO SHOW: Years Collide: Old Boys Rugby Palooza/Cast of Characters HOOK Kids
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STUDIO SHOW: Years Collide: Old Boys Rugby Palooza/Cast of Characters HOOK Kids

NEW YORK , NY Happy New Year! With 2017 & 2018 colliding like two Six Nations’ front rows, Week 29 of our Fantasy Sports Network show ushers in the Newby keeping the Old. Didn’t see that one, coming, did you? Anyway, this latest installment of our Community Corner segment, via the Friends of the British Council, sheds new light on an on-going Old Boys Rugby Palooza – and its Cast of Characters. It’s more than an excuse for Aging Wonders to get out of the house; it’s keeping the Old young, while “hooking” the Young into playing, by watching the Old. Brilliant! Our Matt McCarthy was there as rugby once again defied thinking inside the box.

Along with some great game footage and chuckle-worthy sideline commentary, there are entertaining/enlightening moments from the stellar ensemble, comprised of the following:
Christopher Paul (articulate young son/future hooker of Chris Paul)
Bayonne Bombers (the hosts)
Gentlemen of NY (New York Rugby Club)
Morris Rugby Masters
Lion Kings (Village Lions)
Connecticut Grey (perennial powerhouse)
-A Frenchman in “the wrong Bayonne
-A blonde mutt creating chaos with match play

As with the rugby community everywhere, the above “crafty” vets and attendees are from all over the planet, with funny talkers aplenty. France, Ireland, England, Wales, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Argentina were all represented, to name some.

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