Rugby TV and Podcast: Honor Cup, MLR Stuff, Stars from Ireland, NZ, Italy

Rugby TV and Podcast: Honor Cup, MLR Stuff, Stars from Ireland, NZ, Italy
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NEW YORK, NY – Hard to believe we’re at Week 49 of our Fantasy Sports Network show, but here we are. Thank you for your support! Anyway, this week was a full one with the following segments we think you’ll enjoy: Honor Cup, MLR Stuff, Stars from Ireland (Ultan Dillane), NZ (Kendra Cocksedge) and Italy (Edoardo Gori)

The Honor Cup, honoring those that serve in the military, police and fire department – and their families, is part of an excitingly full weekend of rugby in the USA.

Joining Matt McCarthy and Steve Lewis in this Heroes Salute. are Marine Marc Okicich and Army man Lew Boore, re the tournament in Washington, D.C.. The tourney will surround itself around the Wales vs South Africa match at RFK Stadium and will feature Navy vs Army Alumni in one for the ages.


MLR Highlights, Analysis and Picks with Ronan Nelson, Matt McCarthy and Steve Lewis:


SOLDIER FIELD RUGBY: With a huge triple-header of international rugby slated for Chicago, Ireland’s Ultan Dillane, New Zealand’ Black FernsKendra Cocksedge and Italy’s Edoardo Gori join Phaidra Knight, Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy, live from Soldier Field.


And be sure to check out some of previous features:

Ireland and Leinster long lad Shane Horgan. In a free and easy chat with Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy.

Cardiff Blues CEO Richard “@DickieCloggs” Holland re the Blues winning the European Challenge Cup in stunning fashion over Gloucester and the contribution of Team USA star Blaine Scully in that historic victory. Holland also talks about the new Pro14 TV deal, growing the Cardiff brand in USA and the possibility of Major League Rugby working with his squad and the Pro14. But the big news, arguably, is his doubling down on his offer to USA Rugby CEO Ross Young for Cardiff to play the Eagles – which is being brokered on Rugby Wrap Up!

And you’d be remiss if you didn’t check out Steve Lewis, Ronan Nelson and host Matt McCarthy recapping all the Major League Rugby action and give their MLR Predictions, along with analysis of the College 7s Championships and current issues that club rugby vs professional leagues signing their players.

And don’t miss…
Interim USA Rugby CEO Ross Young answers questions from feisty fellow Scotsman/USA Rugby Congressman Steve Lewis, World Rugby Hall of Famer turned USAR Board member Phaidra Knight and host Matt McCarthy in a State of USA Rugby Address. Topics include:
-Past Failures & Accountability
-Future Positives
Dan Payne
Major League Rugby
Rugby World Cup 7s
-Equity for Women’s Rugby
Unwisely Tendering Bids for Rugby World Cup and other events
-Financial Catastrophes of RIM and The Rugby Channel
Eagles vs Cardiff Challenge from Cardiff Blues CEO Richard Holland in Blaine Scully Cup?
-Being TALL on a Sinking Ship
Public Floggings at USAR HQ


Big-time rugby coach, Robbie Deans and his mate, USA Rugby & Yale Coach, Greg McWilliams.


AND… From the growing American High School rugby landscape, Greenwich’s Joe Kelly, Xavier’s Greg Norris and referee Greg Gilliam:

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