Rugby TV and Podcast: National Club 7s, Women and Men. Lewis, Rosen, Lensing, McCarthy

Men's National Club 7s: Winning Coach Steve Lewis, Dustin Rosen, Kees Lensing| RUGBY WRAP UP
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Women's National Club 7s: Steve Lewis, Dustin Rosen, Kees Lensing
NEW YORK, NY – The USA Rugby National Club 7s was held in NYC and it was a blast. Quality rugby, exceptional athletes, biblical weather shifts. Both division, Women’s and Men’s were top-notch.  Winning Men’s Head Coach, Steve Lewis, joins Rugby 7s Magazine’s Dustin Rosen, Southern Hemisphere star Kees Lensing and our Matt McCarthy for all of it. Highlights, cameos, soundbites, opinion and more.

Let’s get to the Women’s Division, which was especially good, first. From upstarts like the Atlanta Harlequins to the Champion San Diego Surfers, there were great stories, heartbreak, triumph and glory.


On the Men’s Side…
Men's National Club 7s: Winning Coach Steve Lewis, Dustin Rosen, Kees Lensing| RUGBY WRAP UP

Our man’s team won the Men’s Division! That’s right, Steve Lewis coached Bulldog Rugby to victory and still found time to join McCarthy, Rugby 7 Mag’s Rosen and Southern Hemisphere rugby stud, Lensing in our Fantasy Sports Network studio. Sure, this segment is about the men but it’s got cameos, reactions and fun footage for all, as well as highlights – many thanks to Mr. Rosen for contributing some of his.


And don’t miss one of rugby’s biggest stars – literally – Greg Peterson. And he’s a great guy to boot. Thanks to Jack Reid of the Glasgow Warriors, we have Greg on with Scotsman/Glasgow Man Steve Lewis and Matt McCarthy. How did the Big Fella feel about beating Scotland with Team USA in Scotland?

You’ll find out here.

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