Rugby TV and Podcast: Community Corner; Rugby Family Fannings Lose All in Fires, Needs Help

Community Corner: Rugby Family Loses All in California Fires, Needs Help, Rugby_Wrap_Up
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NEW YORK, NY – The California fires are impacting the lives of many. Despite the dropping temperatures and wet weather here in the northeast United States the fires have hit home, impacting a family that is part of our rugby family. And that family, the Fannings, lost everything – although they escaped physical harm. John “Frosty” Olsen, brother to Mrs. Fanning, is trying to help them any way he can, and as a New York York Club member and SUNY Albany alumni member with our Matt McCarthy, he didn’t have to look far. They have zero left, so money, rugby clothes and/or swag or anything you can think of helps. For instance, 9-yearold Miles lost all, including his beloved Lego collection. He’s got zero. Let’s make him smile again, if nothing else.

This is taken from the Go Fund Me page:

“The Fanning family, Ita, Craig and Miles lost their Malibu apartment to the Woolsey fire on Friday, Nov 9th. Unfortunately they were between insurance policies at the time. When the alert came in at 9am that there was a mandatory evacuation, the ashes were already raining down. Not wanting to take any more time than absolutely necessary they packed a few things for what they were hoping would be an overnight trip and left quickly.
Unfortunately their home for the last 7 years and all of their possessions burned to the ground. They have nothing to return to and nowhere to go.

A return to normalcy will take a long time and a lot of money. Please help with whatever you can, no amount is too small and if you could share this on Facebook or other social media that would be a HUGE help!”

Please watch or listen and help in any way you can.


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Community Corner: Rugby Family Loses All in California Fires, Needs Help, Rugby_Wrap_Up

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